Founded in 1982 as Electro Metal Pressings the Company was incorporated in the year 1992 with an initial investment of 20 Million. The business of the company ten was to manufacture light fittings. The Company was performing well up to 1998 . Once the low cost Chinese products began to be dumped in to local market, all light fitting manufacturers had to face sever competition , price-wise, from the Chinese products. With the change of management in 2003, the products of the Company continued under the same EMP Brand Name .The new management successfully. within six months was able to set matters on the right tracks, wiping-off the entire liability within an year. The company’s focus was changed from loss making light fitting manufacturing to Electrical Panel boards, cable management systems, computer data racks and other related customized products. The company decided to diversify to provide the customers with the One Stop Shop facility where under different sister-company entities a comprehensive products and services are offered.